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Spicing up social media

The internet got a dose of clever humor and a lesson in the power of social media this past week, courtesy of Old Spice. While some companies use social media merely as a broadcasting platform, Old Spice engaged their audience with real-time, personalized video responses starring Isaiah Mustafa, a towel, and clever copywriting.

From a marriage proposal to flirting with Alyssa Milano, the Old Spice creative team crafted more than 150 video responses from “Old Spice Guy.” The personalized approach resulted in 75 million views, sharing of the campaign across social media platforms, and fan parodies. It will be interesting to see not only if sales of Old Spice products increased along with its brand recognition, but also what other companies will do to compete. In the meantime, check out how the team did it and be sure to head over to the Old Spice YouTube channel for hours of hilarity.

The story of a search

“Impress a French girl.”

That’s just one of the search terms in “Parisian Love,” a story from Google’s Search Stories series that captivated audiences when it aired during the Super Bowl. Now that creative storytelling tool is available for everyone, thanks to the Search Stories Video Creator on YouTube. Simply search, add music, and then share your story with the world.

I gave it a try, and it really is as simple as Google says. I was done in about 10 minutes, which included the time it took me to brainstorm my “Grecian Holiday” story.

Even Sesame Street is getting in on the search story action, with this story from the one and only Cookie Monster.

What’s your search story?

The power of storytelling: Google’s “Parisian Love”

For many people, the Super Bowl is less about the football game and more about the creative (and expensive) commercials. In fact, every year a group of advertising professors at Michigan State University rate the Super Bowl ads. And if you followed the Twitter buzz about the ads, you won’t be surprised that their No. 1 pick was the first TV ad for Google.

“Parisian Love” won over the audience with the way it tells a love story through a man’s Google searches. The ad works brilliantly because it is true to the Google experience while employing storytelling to make it emotionally captivating.

Unlike other commercials, “Parisian Love” wasn’t developed specifically for the Super Bowl. It’s part of a series of “Search Stories” by Google, and it first aired on YouTube more than three months ago.

We didn’t set out to do a Super Bowl ad, or even a TV ad for search. Our goal was simply to create a series of short online videos about our products and our users, and how they interact. But we liked this video so much, and it’s had such a positive reaction on YouTube, that we decided to share it with a wider audience. Source: Google Blog

What do you think? Did Google’s story of searching for love win you over, or does another commercial deserve top recognition?

Smart YouTube video: A Vision of Students Today

I’ve been thinking lately about how to best communicate to the college students I work with, and was reminded of this video.

It’s a very smart look at the way technology changes the way we talk, read, write, and learn. It looks like Kansas State is doing some very interesting work in digital ethnography. I’m looking forward to learning more about the program they have and the work their students are doing.