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F-RIB seeks Communications Manager

The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (F-RIB) is hiring a Communications Manager.

Part of the job description includes:

Develops and implements appropriate project communications with outside stakeholders to support on-going project needs; serves as project spokesperson and information conduit; may include developing and disseminating fact sheets, presentation material, brochures, news releases, Web releases, and the like to the public and special interest groups; authors supporting narrative and presentation materials; develops other project media using other support services within and outside the University…

Check out www.hr.msu.edu for more information. The posting number is 3545 and deadline to apply is Oct. 20.

Good luck to the applicants!

Lansing Breakfast Club

While not a group of 1980’s high school kids stuck together for Saturday detention, the Lansing Breakfast Club is a new group holding its inaugural meeting Wednesday, July 14 at 7 a.m. at the Golden Harvest in Old Town.

The group will meet each Wednesday at a different location for early morning networking opportunities and tasty breakfast treats.

For more information, contact the group’s organizer, Justin Sailor (@bugsyrocker).

The Communications Plan

If there is one thing I’ve learned from my work experience so far, it’s that planning and managing projects is essential.

Check out Nick Lucido’s post “How to Write a Communications Plan” at PR Start.  He interviews Kelly Rossman-McKinney of The Rossman Group and outlines an eight-step process to planning strategic communications.

I strive to effectively manage multiple small projects week-to-week, so what I might add to Nick’s post is simply to follow through and be consistent. My projects tend to be on a smaller scale and are more frequent. Right now I have three separate documents on my desk detailing communications strategies for three separate projects. It can be a lot to manage, but I’m finding ways to stay organized to keep up on the deadlines. For example, I’ve started making weekly master due date calendars. This can be considerable work up front, but as a one-woman office, it helps to keep me on track and see the big picture.

What strategies and tactics do you use to plan effective communications?

Open Editor Position at MSU Press

The Michigan State University Press has an opening for an Editor.

Job duties: Assists managing editor in team environment to expedite the publication process for highly specialized scholarly journals; follows established work flow for assigned journals from manuscript delivery through print and dissemination, including copyediting of electronic files; assists with production of marketing and advertising materials; tracks conference schedules and sends related shipments according to required timeframes; assigns and monitors student projects.

The deadline to apply is Jan. 29, 2009. Visit www.jobs.msu.edu for more information. The posting number is 2925.

Good luck!

Write Here, Write Now Recap

So last night was the MSU Professional Writing Program Town Hall meeting on finding communication job opportunities in Michigan. All in all it went well – there was a good crowd attending, there were knowledgeable professionals on the panels, and the students asked smart and important questions. Public speaking is not my forte (I prefer to write!) and I left feeling like there was a lot more I wanted to say – more practical tips and advice for finding writing jobs in Michigan.

So here it goes – These are questions that were on the panelist preview [opens as pdf in new window], but not directly asked at the town hall.  The answers are expanded versions of my notes that didn’t make it into the discussion:

Q: How are professional writers playing a part in revitalizing the Michigan economy?

Take a look at what the city of Detroit is doing. The Metro Detroit Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Tourism Economic Development Council has spent the last couple years working on the relaunch of the “D-Brand” – or embracing Detroit for what it is and selling it as hip, edgy, and cool in the hopes to attract tourists and in turn investors who can create jobs. It’s people with PW skills who are helping to shape this re-branding effort – and in turn helping to bring in new business and create other jobs for the rising creative class.

Lansing should be taking a close look at what Detroit is doing and trying to replicate the plan. Take a look at Old Town Lansing – this area has seen considerable growth and prosperity in the last few years. There are no less than 8-10 design/media/marketing firms right there within blocks of each other. Research these organizations. Old Town is also home to several non-profits. Visit their web sites and see who is hiring.

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Mid-Michigan Networking Events

There are two upcoming, back-to-back networking events for our readers living in mid-Michigan.

Grand River Connection
August 26, from 6-8 PM
MSU Spartan Club at Spartan Stadium

Mid-Michigan Tweet Up
August 27, starting at 5 PM
Dublin Square, East Lansing

I’ve previously attended events for both groups, and had a very nice time chatting with young, up-and-coming professionals. If you have past experiences with these groups that you’d like to share, please do so in the comments. Are there other groups out there that you’d like to see promoted on beyondwords? Let us know!

Jobs for Professional Writers in Lansing

Awhile back I posted about job searching in the Lansing area. As a brief follow up, I’d like to post some other interesting local job openings:

Communications Writer

Director of Market Communications

Public Relations Director

Communications Manager

 There are plenty more opportunities out there for creative professionals in the Capital City — just keep looking! If you have any resources or tips to share about job hunting in the Lansing area, please feel free to post in the comments.

Job Searching in the Lansing Area

Just out of curiosity, I just did a quick job search on LSJ.com using the keyword “communication.”  Here is what I found:

Graphic Services Manager for Dart Container

Web Designer for Dart Container

Marketing Specialist for The Christman Company

Communications Editor for Accident Fund

These are perfect jobs for professional writers and I really encourage any recent grads to apply for these positions. I was pleasantly surprised to see a good number of positions listed on just one source, and I am sure with a little web scouring, more could easily be found.

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Event: Arts Marathon Weekend

As part of Michigan State University’s Year of Arts and Culture, this weekend (April 18-20) is the Arts Marathon Weekend in East Lansing, MI.

If you’re in the area and want to check it out, there are some great events on the schedule. Here are a few:

    48-Hour Animation Slam: Participants create short 3D animation movies in 48 consecutive hours.

    RCAH Poetry Slam: Interactive celebration featuring the competitive art of live poetry performance.

    Comics and Animation Workshops: Demonstrations of creative software for producing comics and digital movies.

    Online Interactive News Graphics: Sharing and discussion of award-winning interactive and animated graphics.

    From the Page to the Stage: Learn how to create a play on the spot using basic elements and unique shortcuts.

If there are events happening in your area that you think would appeal to professional writers, editors, and designers, please share details in the comments.