On making

Want to make art but don’t know where to start? Check out Good Life Project’s interview with Lisa Congdon about her career as an illustrator, artist, and author. In telling the story about how she became an artist, Lisa touches on the importance of being open and not letting low moments stifle creativity:

I don’t want to be blocked, I want to be open. And part of that is being in a place where you just let yourself be whatever you are that day. […] Being in a place where you’re feeling good about your work and confident about your ability to execute your next idea is important, especially if you’re in the business of making art for a living. We need to draw from all these different parts of ourselves to make what we make every day.

The interview is 45 minutes long, but it’s definitely worth watching (or listening to — GLP offers an mp3 as well).

To check out some of Lisa’s work, I recommend starting with her most recently completed Daily Project, 365 Days of Lettering, which is being published in a collection in 2014. Also, keep an eye out for this year’s project, The Reconstructionists. It’s a collaboration with Maria Popov of Brain Pickings that combines illustrated portraits of trailblazing women with hand-lettered quotes and micro-essays.