Collaborative storytelling


What kind of stories can you tell with the help of 1.8 million Twitter followers? That’s what author Neil Gaiman is finding out through a new partnership with Blackberry. Gaiman, who tweets @neilhimself, is tapping into his community of readers on Twitter to create stories and art for charity.

The result will be A Calendar of Tales, a print (and possibly digital) calendar with stories by Gaiman that were inspired by tweets in response to questions. For example, when Gaiman asked, “What is the most unusual thing you have ever seen in July?” this is the tweet he selected to prompt his writing:

Gaiman then spent a few days writing all 12 stories, which are now available for download (PDF).

The project is now in stage two and people are invited to submit artwork inspired by the stories:

Whether it’s a sketch, photo or doodle, using paint, ink or collage, upload your artwork for a chance to feature in the digital showcase and the printed, limited edition of A Calendar of Tales.

This is a very creative way to demonstrate the power of collaborative writing and art. The many tweets generated by Gaiman’s questions are moving, funny, clever — and great writing prompts. I encourage you to browse through the #KeepMoving and month-specific hashtags if you need some writing inspiration, and head over to the project’s site to read the stories, share your art, and get involved in this creative collaboration.